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Zu Wenig Platz?

Das War Gestern.


  • Keine Kaution

  • Staffel- & Volumenrabatt

  • Passt: 1-2 Euro-Paletten, 8-10 Umzugskartons, etc.


  • Monatlich kündbar

  • Flexibler Zugang

  • Kurze Ankündigung

  • Privat und gewerblich


  • Verschließbar

  • Versichert (€ 2.500)

  • Frostsicher

  • Teils videoüberwacht


  • Zentral in Weilheim

  • Direktes Parken

  • Zugang über Rampe

  • Transporthilfen


€ 28,00

gültig für 12 Monate

Preis pro Monat inkl. MwSt.

ab 2. Box 5% / ab 3. Box 10% Gesamtrabatt

Monatlich 2x Öffnen & Neu-Verplombung der Box inklusive

Versichert bis 2.500 je Box

Und So Geht's.

Anfrage & Bestätigung

Über's Formular, Chat oder vor Ort


Unkomplizierter Abschluss

Digital oder klassisch


Schnelle Rechnung

Per Email oder vor Ort

Sichere Bezahlung

Lastschrift, Karten, PayPal, Wallets

Sofortiges Einlagern



Was Darf Es Sein?


Danke! Wir melden uns in Kürze.

  • How big is a box?
    The inner dimensions of a box are 1.40 x 0.90 x 1.00 meters (actually about 1-2 cm more). This yields a volume of 1.25 cubic meters (actually slightly more due to the construction of the box). Upon request, the boxes can be horizontally divided by an insertable floor.
  • How much can I load the box with?
    Both the base floor and the intermediate floor can be loaded with 500 kg each.
  • How is the box locked?
    The box will be securely locked and sealed with numbered security seals free of charge upon request.
  • How and when can I store in the box?
    Upon signing a contract for one or multiple boxes (either analog or digital) and making the initial payment, you can start storing your items right away.
  • What items must not be stored?
    The following items/materials are not allowed to be stored: Food or perishable goods, unless they are securely packaged to protect against pests and not attract them (e.g., canned goods, etc.). Living beings of any kind (animals, plants, fungi; dead or alive). Flammable or inflammable substances and liquids such as gasoline/diesel, gas, solvents, oils, paints, batteries, accumulators, etc. Pressurized gases; weapons, ammunition, explosives; radioactive substances, biological/chemical materials; toxic waste, asbestos, or any other potentially hazardous materials/substances. Anything that emits smoke and/or odor; materials/substances that could adversely affect third parties through emissions. Any prohibited substances and items or unlawfully acquired items. Clothing (especially fur coats), unless securely (airtight) packaged; the storage of new, unworn, packaged clothing is only allowed in consultation with the custodian. Cash, jewelry, stamp and coin collections, genuine carpets, as well as works of art and antiques. It is also not permitted to store items/materials that exceed the total value of € 2,500 (insurance coverage) or the maximum floor load of 500 kg/m². For storing higher values, the customer must obtain appropriate insurance coverage and provide evidence to the custodian.
  • How many times can I open the box?
    Each plan includes 1-2 intermittent openings of the box per month; see our tiered pricing plans. For each additional opening (and thus resealing), a small fee will be charged for the extra security seals.
  • Is the room air conditioned?
    The room is heated to prevent frost in winter, but it is not air-conditioned.
  • Can I park my vehicle for an extended time?
    You can park your vehicle directly at the loading dock; kindly do so only for the duration of (un-)loading your valuables.
  • Is there a covered loading area?
    Yes, there is an elevated and covered loading ramp in front of the entrance.
  • Are transport aids available?
    You are welcome to use the hand truck and pallet jack on-site for free.
  • Can I have goods delivered directly to you?
    Yes, we are also a parcel shop (GLS, Hermes, DPD); you can simply specify our location as the delivery address. We are happy to accept packages occasionally, but not in large quantities. If packages are delivered directly to the parcel shop, please ensure timely storage, as the packages may otherwise be sent back.
  • Can I buy moving materials?
    Materials are not part of our offering.
  • Can you pick up my goods and deliver them to me again?
    Please commission a transportation company for this service.
  • Can zircular also dispose of items for me?
    Please commission a waste disposal company.
  • Are my stored goods insured?
    Each box is automatically insured for € 2,500. For storing higher values, the customer must obtain appropriate insurance coverage and provide evidence to the custodian.
  • Is zircular under video surveillance?
    Without being able to go into details, yes, the building is under video surveillance.
  • What is the minimum contract duration?
    The minimum contract duration is one month.
  • Do I have to pay a deposit when signing the contract?
  • If I rent the box for a longer period, do I get higher discounts?
    If you book a box for multiple months, the rent per month becomes cheaper; please see the tiered pricing for details.
  • Will my contract be extended automatically?
    Yes, unless the termination notice is received via email at least 14 days before the end of the rental period, the booking will automatically extend for another rental period - you don't have to do anything. If you wish to switch plans, please let us know promptly.
  • Can I transfer my contract?
    The new counterparty must sign their own cntract for legal and insurance reasons. With you, as the current counterparty, we will find an amicable solution for terminating your contract.
  • Do I have to be of legal age to rent a box?
    Yes. To rent a box, you must be legally competent and therefore of legal age.
  • What documents do I need to bring with me to the sign?
    Please have your ID card or passport (with a valid registration certificate) with you. Additionally, the rent is due at the time of contract signature.
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